18 July, 2015

'conceal, don't feel'

for a single day
tie your dominant hand
behind your back
you can't use it
you can't miss it
you can't even remember it is there

and live your life as normal
do not complain
they will not understand
they are all one handed after all

at the end of that day
you will know
my every day.

i forget myself
and unshackle that hand
flex it
and use it

the freedom is
i can lift great weights
carry huge burdens
build cathedrals
i can do
what i was born to do

for a time

it is always noticed
that i have an extra hand
freak they see
freak they say
freak i feel

various punishments are proposed
exile behind great walls
amputation with rusty saws
and worse

in the end
out of self preservation
and shame
i tie my dominant hand
behind my back

and move on

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