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The veiled threat: a longer thought.


Our Prime Minister hired an Australian political whiz named Lynton Crosby to  return him to power.

Mr. Crosby fights dirty. He has a history of exploiting latent racism in the electorate, and sure enough, he's doing that again here.

Harper et al have been very careful not to actually tell you how many Muslim women have tried to remain veiled as they took the oath of Canadian citizenship. (The law banning niqabs was found to contravene the Citizenship Act,  just another chapter in Harper's continuing war with the Supreme Court of Canada.) Just yesterday I had to refute somebody online who was convinced the number was "millions".  Obviously that's hyperbole, but surely there are hundreds, maybe thousands?


There are two.

Two. Second source provided because I'm sure nobody believes me.

That's right, the whole country is frothing over two Muslim women who tried to exercise their right to wear a veil as they took an oath. (My cousin--the one I recently unfriended because I don't accept racist bigots in my family--tried to tell me that for all we know, those women were actually men. Nonsense--anyone taking the oath must prove their identity beforehand.

So here we all are, passionately arguing back and forth about whether or not two women (or, let's be honest, any of their co-religionists) ought or ought not to be allowed in this country, with or without veils, and nobody's talking about the Duffy trial anymore.

Or the Brazeau trial.

Or any of the other Senate trials and charges.

Or the election fraud, the bribing of a dying MP, the muzzling of scientists, the omnibus bills, the contempt of Parliament, the fact we had 2.5 million protected lakes and rivers ten years ago and now have 159... Shall I go on?

...The repeated proroguing of Parliament, the book burnings, the crazy fiscal mismanagement before this sudden fake surplus, income splitting that disproportionally benefits the people who least need the help, the killing of the long form census (because the government respects your privacy), Bill C-51 ((because the government doesn't give two shits about your privacy)....

The scariest thing is that I've barely scratched the surface of all the misdeeds Harper has perpetrated on a sleeping public. I haven't even brought up the warmongering -- Harper's got to be the only person who has ever celebrated the BEGINNING of the First World War! -- but soldiers only give him warm fuzzies while they're fighting and dying, not afterwards...

And even if...even if somehow you can look past all of you really want a PM who only accepts questions from his citizens if they pay his party $78,000?

But he'll keep you safe from those two Muslim she-monsters.

I guess that's all that matters, right?


karen said…
I thought for the first while in this campaign that we might have a kinder gentler Canada on October 20. I still hope so, but it feels less like a certainty now.

Do you ever listen to Ideas on CBC radio? There was a wonderful lecture by Naheed Nenshi called Doing the Right Thing the other day. I think everyone should hear it.
Ken Breadner said…
karen, sorry for the delay, I missed your comment somehow.
I wish Nenshi would run federally. He's the kind of levelheaded politician we could use more of.
I do listen to CBC, 'as it happens"...*smile*

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