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Four Years of Chaos, Coming Up!

"Democracy has spoken," I read in the wake of Doug Ford's majority victory, captured with 23.6% of eligible votes. (The PCs got 40% of the vote...but only 58% of eligible voters bothered to cast a ballot. That's not democracy. That's an affliction.

Already this morning I've seen signs saying "Get in, pussy, we're making Ontario great again!" and "wassa matter, liberal snowflake? Did your cunt candidate lose?" This is the kind of political rhetoric we're in for now, folks.

Already this morning, I've seen seven people on my Facebook feed musing about moving to another province, and one of them might actually do it.

Look, I'm not suggesting that all Doug Ford voters are misogynist, homophobic racist pieces of shit. But there were PLENTY of principled Conservatives aghast by the caricature of a man their party chose to anoint. Just not enough--and I guess you can't argue with success.

So what's success going to look like? Based on Ford's promises and personality and the actions of the last PC government in Ontario, I can hazard a few guesses.

1) As a direct result of scrapping the sexual education curriculum for students, Ontario will see higher rates of abortion, teen pregnancy, rape, and STIs.

2) Ford will cut taxes, starving the government of revenue for such things as health care, welfare, ODSP, and infrastructure spending. This, of course, is straight out of the Republican playbook. He will then close hospitals and fire nurses; close schools and fire teachers; close anything he deems expendable, like libraries and houses for children with autism.

3) A buck a beer! Priorities!

4) Minorities and the marginalized better watch their steps, because Ford's coming for you. Not sure exactly how this will play out this time. Last time it was Dudley George getting shot and killed on orders from the Premier's office. But Ford is much more of a bully than Harris was, so I'm going to go ahead and predict something more widespread.

5) Ford, like his hero Trump, bores easily and doesn't care about policy details. So expect a scattershot approach to governance, with ill-thought-out, shortsighted moves and soooooo many unintended consequences.

In the little crumbs of good news: my riding stayed NDP and the Greens won a seat. If anybody has any more positive contributions... PLEASE.

Well, Ontario, I'd say you just got the government you deserved, except less than a quarter of you voted for this buffoon.

Good luck. My friends...we're going to need it.


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