Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stop the world I wanna get off

Work is insane, lately. I know, when is it ever calm and peaceful, right? In addition to the SAP project I'm involved with, we are also relining every last category in the store. Translating from the Retailese, that means we're pissing off all those customers who finally have our shelves memorized by moving everything around. It's a lot of work. And no extra help to do it. I'm actually looking at working a couple of's the only time I can get serious work done without having to do any of that routine work that makes up my days.
Home is insane, lately. Eva's dad and brother are coming this weekend to install a new kitchen floor and replace both our front and side doors. So it's clean, clean and clean some more. I hasten to tell you that we do not live in squalor...but we do have a dog and two cats, all of whom shed, copiously...and we both of us are also a tad--what's the kind way of saying this? oh yeah, LAZY. Both my wife and I have a patience for accumulated furry clutter that's prone to snapping on short notice, though, so the house only ever gets so bad before the whirlwind descends.
God, how I'd love to hire a maid. I'd never be able to understand her--ever notice how they all have those weird accents you can't quite place? I think they all come from some island somewhere, some sanitized island where the waves float in on the new and improved lemon-scented Tide.
"I yem Olga of Clean. Me go now, sveep keetchen."
Someday, someday.
Meanwhile there's this cleaning. And this work. And any time I get to whining, I remember mid-whine how my wife's managed to work almost 40 hours in the last three days and I shut up.

I'd like to blog, too--we went to a horse show on Sunday, saw my parents for the first time in almost exactly six years, and had a great time--but that'll take more time to detail than I've got.

Me go now, go seepies. zzzzzzz


jeopardygirl said...

Wait. Back up. You saw your mother for the first time in six years and HAD FUN??????

What is wrong with this picture? Have I missed something?

flameskb said...

Olga of Clean? That's really funny! I used the Olga name before for a web name.. LOL. In your fantasies, does deees Olga vear a niiice black outfit for you with stocking holders and a pushup bra while she is going around cleaning up construction debree in your house?

Ken Breadner said...

Flames...YIKE! NO! Olga of Clean is probably thirty-five or so, but in my imagination, she looks about sixty. And she smells like bleach.
Jen--yeah, all in all, not a bad time with my mom and John. I will post the details permitting.