Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Good News Today

...or at least, some flickers of (audacity?) hope.

First Lady Michelle Obama -- with the help of some local fifth graders -- is digging up some of the South Lawn of the White House to plant a vegetable garden...the first since Eleanor Roosevelt's 'victory garden' in the Second World War.
It's being framed by the New York Times as an educational exercise for the younger generation. And it is. It is, in fact, a wonderful example on so many levels: for individual health, community health, civilizational health, a garden makes good sense.

Those who know me, know how much I abhor so-called "reality" television. I find television itself vaguely (and sometimes not so vaguely) distasteful; what's called "reality" TV is, as far as I'm concerned, fundamentally offensive. Whether it's moral degradation, ritual humiliation, a total disconnect with, ahem, reality, or all three, you couldn't pay me to watch.

I still won't watch this one. Neither, I suspect, will anyone else. The premise -- six Palestinian and six Israeli youths living together for a month, and hammering out a proposed accord for their respective countrymen and women to live together permanently -- is  politically fascinating, but I can't see it making for compelling viewing. (Then again, what do I know? I watch hockey and Family Guy and the odd newscast.)
But I will say this: at least this show has some intellectual rigor and, dare I say it, a higher purpose than mere titillation. (Ever wonder why Survivor's always located somewhere hot? Because it isn't about survival, it's about tits and ass. Or tits and assholes, judging by some of the contestants I've heard about.)

The third piece of good a whole bunch of good news, found here, oddly enough, at the Good News Network. The stories here will probably put a smile on your the very least, they shouldn't piss you off or put you in a funk.

You're welcome...


Anonymous said...


Combat School, Discover Channel Tuesday's at 10pm is a MUST watch. Trust me.

Mark (Speedvale PC)

Peter Dodson said...

Hey Ken,

I love what the first lady is doing. Now all they need to do is get some chickens and put back those solar panels Jimmy Carter installed in the 1970's. Lead by example I say.

Anonymous said...

While a potentialy good opportunity to promote self sufficiency I have some questions about the garden.

Is she promising to go organic?

Is she going to make sure she uses open polinated non hybrid non GM seeds?

I suspect there are not natural bee hives in downtown DC, is she going to have an apriary too?

While a good photo op I suspect it will not be sending the complete or correct answer.

I planned to blog this myself but sat is making soup and bread day and have not got to it yet, yes I know why am I one here? in between raisings , one more and it goes in the oven.

Ken Breadner said...

Today's TorStar has an article on this: unfortunately it doesn't say one way or the other what the Obama garden will be. I've half a mind to ask the man, via his site.
Peter--I seem to recall that Obama promised at one point to get those solar panels re-installed.

Rocketstar said...

You stole my thunder, what Michelle is doing is awesome, a great message to send to the country. We have and always will keep a garden, it's a great message all around.

Reality TV, give me my tits and ass over horiible writing that 98% of the shows have.

I would agree that Family Guy is in hte 2% of good writing.