Sunday, March 08, 2009

WTF of the Year

...and yes, I know it's only the beginning of March. But if anything comes along this year that pisses me off more  than this, I promise not to comment on it until next  year. Deal?

So here's what happened. Brazil. A nine-year old girl is raped by her stepfather. She conceives. Twins. Doctors abort the fetuses because, um, hello? The mother's nine years old and would almost certainly die if she managed to carry them to term.

With me so far?

The Catholic Church in its infinite wisdom, immediately excommunicates the stepfather for the hideous crime of rape.
Wait a second. That's not what happened at all! No, his wife, who authorized the abortion, was excommunicated. Abortion, you understand, is more serious than rape. 

Let's let Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho explain this for us, because quite frankly, I'm having trouble with it.

"God's Law is above any human law. So...when a human law is contrary to God's Law, this law has no value."

...ummm, okay. So I guess the Archbishop is saying that God has decreed somewhere that abortion is Really Really Bad. Interesting. What Bible would that be in, Archbishop? Because it ain't in mine. 

Really. Go on over to and search for "abortion". It's not in there. If you don't believe me, check this site out, which does a surprisingly fair and balanced job at discussing the issue. It notes that many Christian churches are pro-choice. (Oh, but I keep forgetting, non-Catholic 'Christians'...aren't.) When will the Catholic Church ever admit that 'God's Law'  is, more often than not, something one of their Popes just plain made up? 

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Rocketstar said...

I don't want to begin a drunk fucked up rant, but I really wonder when people wonder why Atheists care so much about religion.

Open your fucking eyes people. We have NO FUCKING clue why the fuck we inhabit this planet.



Seriosuly, NONE.

Realize it and keep tapping your forehead and reminding yourself that as far as we know, this is your only chance to ever live on this planet. Sorry for the rant but I've been sick for over a week and have not been able to enjoy my medication.