Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I wonder if the folks at one national paper are gloating about the imminent collapse of the other one.
I would be, were I them. The National Post doesn't deserve to live. It's lost money ever since it appeared on the scene, and why? Because it alienates most Canadians. It leans unrelentingly right, without the saving grace of Sun Media's inclusiveness. And it's undoubtedly aimed squarely at those few folks in this country whose biggest daily decision is which car they'll be chauffered to work in.
Still, cancelling Monday editions?
I guess it's my head that's on backwards, but...the Post, like most papers, doesn't publish Sundays. So what they're proposing is a Tuesday "news"paper with "news" in it from Saturday night. Any older and you'd call that an "archive". 
Hey, it probably comes from the same marketing guru that told the Toronto SUN they'd increase their paid readership by doubling the price of their paper, removing most of the interesting content, and putting the rest online for free.
Meanwhile, long live the Globe and Mail. I just started a subscription last month, and I'm kicking myself I didn't do so years ago. Even the weekday papers are chock-full of stuff worth reading.
 Even the Monday editions.

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