Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's already been said better...

...here...and here...and here...and doubtless in a lot of other places. But I'll say it anyway. I'll add my voice to the din.

Michael Coren is an idiot.

I've long believed this: held it as an article of faith, you might say. But the depths of his idiocy keep shocking me, nevertheless. Just when I think he can't possibly rise any higher on the idiotometer, he goes redline.

I'd like to suggest that for once I'm not on Coren's case on account of his rigid Catholicism. After all, it's possible to be a blathering sexist ass and not be Catholic. But I just can't help holding his faith responsible for his antediluvian attitude on women, namely, that women can't possibly be front-line combat soldiers. Hey, if they're off fighting wars it means they aren't producing Catholic babies. 
And so Coren dismisses the sacrifice of Karine Blais, the latest Canadian casualty in Afghanistan, calling her a "young girl dressed as a soldier."

Name, rank and serial number, Coren. Oh, wait, you haven't served, have you? No, you haven't. How dare you defame a Canadian soldier, sir? On what grounds? You claim it's not sexism, then go on to spout sexist platitude after sexist platitude until you're soaking in it. 

I know more than one woman who could kick Coren's ass (and mine, for that matter) with both eyes tied behind her back, with or without weapons. One presumes Karine Blais passed basic training--something I'd wager Coren couldn't have done at any age. Karine willingly signed on knowing precisely what could happen, and she gave her life as a soldier. For you, Coren, to mock that is nothing short of despicable.


Anonymous said...

This is one of those times where we need all Canadian Bloggers to point out what an ass Coren is.

When people Google him, lets flood the results cash with posts crying out Shame!

Anonymous said...

Sorry CACHE not CASH.

Brain meet Fart.

Dave said...

Thanks for the link, Ken!

And... well said on your part.