Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Long Arm of the Law?

See, every now and again there appears a story that gives me gibberbrain.

Here's today's.

Briefly, Michael Mineo, 24, is suing the NYPD for $220 million after cops allegedly beat him and sodomized him with a baton in a subway station.

You can almost scratch the 'allegedly'...Mineo's DNA was found on the baton, and one of the cops faces charges of aggravated sexual abuse. Two others are charged with obstruction.

When I first heard mention of this on television, I joked to my wife that for $220 million, I'd pull my pants down and assist the police in their inquiries. She answered "yeah, but I don't think they offered him $220 million beforehand."
Then I researched it, because gibberbrain kept stuttering "ya g-g-gotta b-blog this!" Google's first link (and mine, above) is to the New York Post, which makes the Toronto Sun look staid. Despite their scandalous reputation, they tell this story straight. Beyond the actual incident--which, I really must say, isn't funny at all--the marginalia in the article left me speechless.

For instance, the third paragraph:

The claim is more than NYPD abuse victim Abner Louima asked for in his 2001 lawsuit.Louima demanded $155 million after cops brutalized him with a broom handle in a station house. He ultimately won $8.75 million.

This has happened before. Remind me, next time I'm in New York, not to piss off any cops...and if I do, to pack the K-Y.

So what did Mineo do to deserve this, you ask? Ask and the Post shall answer:

Mineo claims cops beat and sodomized him in the Prospect Park subway station last Oct. 15 after accusing him of smoking pot.

Jesus, overreact much?

If this is proven true, I'd like to see these cops sentenced to a week each in jail. In general population, no concessions. If they last the week they can go free.
They won't.


Anonymous said...

There's also a bit of a wooden implement fetish happening here.

Do these cops realize that they can have a profitable sideline running an S&M shop? Why risk their careers when they can go legit?

Though I'll never look at my neighbour's baton without wondering where its been. Thanks for that!

Rocketstar said...

For smoking dope, wow. But I agree with you, for $225 Million, sign me up.