Monday, June 15, 2009

Electile Dysfunction

Here we go again, I thought. Michael Ignatieff's going to hem and haw for a while--"should I arrange an election? Should I not?--just before he's stricken by a massive attack of indecision...if he's ever forced off the fence, he'll just go find another fence. In the end, he'll say "Canadians don't want an election" and Harper will live to blight another day.

Iggy? There are pills for your problem. Little blue pills that might grow you a pair.

To be fair, summer federal elections are exceedingly rare in Canada. We've had three: in 1930, 1953, and 1974. As a summer-hater of the first order, not to mention a person who believes voting ought to be compulsory, I personally have no problem with taking ten minutes out of my life to cast a ballot. But enough people do have a problem interrupting their precious summer vacations that calling an election this time of year is even more of a gamble than it usually is.

And I get Ignatieff's strategy, sort of. He's putting conditions on Harper every chance he gets, taking great pains to make it look like he--Ignatieff, not the control-freak PM--is in control.

But the format grows tiresome. Do this or I'll go to the polls. Don't do that or I'll poll-axe you. You're on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION.

Don't get me wrong: I like Ignatieff, what I've seen of him, and I think he'd make a pretty fair PM, certainly a lot more approachable than the current model. But at some point he's gotta stand up and say "enough". Maybe if we all get together and whisper sweet majorities in his ear...


Anonymous said...

The last thing Canada needs is Iggy Pop culture. A wannabee PM, who couldn't cut the mustard in the UNITED STATES!

Ignatief should pack up and head home.

They won't call an election anyways, there is no real LEADER of the Lib party. We would be right back at square one ... another minority.

Ken Breadner said...

What mustard was Ignatieff supposed to be cutting in the States? So far as I know, he held no political office there. And I think he's a damn sight better Liberal leader than Martin or Dion.
To be clear, I don't particularly want an election. The only Canadians who *do* want an election right now are the same ones who wanted one the day after Harper took office. I'm just sick unto death of Ignatieff threatening one. Either follow through with your threat, or shut the hell up.