Saturday, August 22, 2009

Future Excursions

Behold, five places I want to go/things I want to see before I enter the Void:

1) Agawa Canyon: In days of yore, when I was in my early teens, Ontario used to put out something called the Traveler's Encyclopedia annually. I keenly looked forward to each edition, and brought it with me on our frequent car trips throughout Southern Ontario. Every town of any size had a writeup, with population figures, a thumbnail history, and a list and description of local attractions. I enjoyed reading up on each place we passed through...and, of course, I spent just as much time reading up on places we didn't.
Agawa Canyon has had a prominent place on my must-see list ever since I first learned of its existence. It's got everything I look for in a perfect vacation: isolation, peace and tranquility, spectacular natural scenes at every turn, and as an extra added bonus (he repeated again redundantly), you get there by train.

2) Alaska Cruise: This is planned for our kickoff to retirement...we want to take the train across Canada, embark in Vancouver, and float north. I like the idea of a smaller ship, one where I'm not obligated to join in nineteen-course meals or competitive shuffleboard. Truth be told, I could probably spend my entire shipboard time sitting on my balcony watching the world go by.

3) Las Vegas: How pedestrian of me. But I have no intention of gambling when I go. Well, okay, maybe a little. But mostly I just want to see the glitz and glamor and take in a few shows.

4) Dawson City, Yukon Territory: Never mind visiting, I look at a picture like this and think I'd like to live there. Except in the summer. Light twenty four hours a day would drive me mad in short order.

5) Hawai'i: I can't think of anywhere else on the globe with such breathtaking scenery...every picture looks like a painting. Some day, ah, some day...

What do you want to see before your foot makes contact with the fabled bucket?


Anonymous said...

I'd steal the first two from your list and add Greenland and New Zealand.

Oh and for more Canadianness, I definitely recommend Newfoundland, specifically Gros Morne National Park. Its on my list of places to go back to.

Ken Breadner said...

Catelli: I could have done an all-Canadian list and expanded it considerably. We're still torn about where we're going to retire, but out east is in the running. And yeah, Newfoundland really does belong on this list.
Oddly enough, I was going to put New Zealand on here instead of Hawai'i...and balked, on the grounds that there's no way I'll EVER afford the airfare.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it, you can't afford Hawaii either. But it is a stop over on the way to New Zealand. Maybe make it a 2'fer?


Rocketstar said...

Yeah, Hawaii is on the list for sure. Nice pics