Thursday, October 01, 2009

Puck Drop!

Hockey season starts tonight, doo-dah, doo-dah
The Leafs will crush the Habs all right, dah-de-doo-dah-day.
Stalberg with the score!
Three fights, maybe four!
The Cup awaits, the future's bright, dah-di-doo-dah-day.

--came to my bemused, precaffeinated brain at 6 this morning, was promptly dispatched to my Facebook status line, and there it lingers, threatening any Montreal Canadiens fan who dares to look at it.

I just want to take this opportunity, before the season starts, to put some words out into the blogoverse thanking Mr. Brian Burke for the bang-up job he appears to be doing refashioning the Toronto Maple Leafs into the Toronto Maple Tree Trunks and $%^ing S.O.Bs. This team is going to be a royal treat to watch and a royal pain to play against. I'm still not completely sold on the forward lines, but that defense ranks with anybody's in the entire NHL.

To those of my readers who sadly must make do cheering for other teams (yeah, I know, Rocket, go Wild!)...'tis the season. Have fun, and as Red Green always used to say, keep your stick on the ice.


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Rocketstar said...

Direct TV actually is giving us Center Ice free for Oct so I'll be able to watch all the puck and my Wild I want!!

I saw the Leafs game last night and I thought they played pretty good and earned a point, so not so bad even if they lost in OT.