Thursday, October 04, 2012

Political Microblog

I did promise to blog more, didn't I?

Call me Mitt Romney, then, because my God, the stress. This has not been a good week. I'm not at liberty to discuss the details. but trust me. Thanksgiving is going to be celebrated around here with considerably more heartiness than usual.

Couple of minor points to make. One: Justin Trudeau.

Colour me amazed. He's actually running to be Liberal leader. Who saw that coming? I mean, I don't think the Canadian media has even mentioned the prospect more than oh, about thirty million times.

This is the most insightful article I've yet seen on that prospect. Trudeau simply can't afford to pretend, even for a moment, that these are his Daddy's Liberals, or, for that matter, his Daddy's Canada. The country has shifted markedly since the days of PET. Part of that is Harper's doing, true, but only part. People tend to forget that Brian Mulroney, as hated as he was at the end of his tenure, didn't get just one majority...he got two.
If I were Trudeau, I would accept the adulation of those Laurentian elites...and then chart my own course as far away from them as I can comfortably go.

Two: Mitt Romney.

By all accounts he blew Obama right the hell out of the water last night. I was asleep by the time the debate started, so I can't give a personal assessment. I will say this. Romney is, as Republicans go, not that bad. Damning with faint praise, I know. There was one Republican I might have considered voting for were I eligible, and he was (predictably) eliminated early. No, I'm not talking about Ron Paul. I'm referring to Jon Huntsman.
But Romney hails from Massachusetts and that part of the U.S. is almost Canadian. He also came up with something strikingly similar to Obamacare. Both health care visions are fatally flawed, from this Canadian's perspective, but I have to give Romney credit for doing something.
Don't get me wrong: Romney is not someone I would endorse without a gun to my head. But should he win the presidency, I won't immediately start looking for new digs on some other planet...which is something I might have done if the Republican candidate in question were Rick Santorum....or Sarah Palin...or Michele Bachmann...or Newt Gingrich.

And that's all the energy I have for now. Something more personal soon...probably Sunday.

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