Monday, January 30, 2017

July 27, 2017

The colossal bombs went off almost simultaneously: the first at 1 NE Street, Washington, D.C., otherwise known as the Supreme Court of the United States; the other at Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles, California.

The smoke hadn't even settled before we heard about the "Muslim terrorists" who had killed over a thousand Americans. Pictures of menacing brown people proliferated on FOX News. Breitbart screamed for revenge. The President tweeted his outrage and vowed to "crush the Muslim menace".

CNN had a different story, the scoop of the century. They had footage clearly showing white men with crewcuts placing the bombs in both Washington and Hollywood.

That footage aired once. And then CNN mysteriously went off the air. When it came back on, two hours later, there was a flurry of insincere sounding apologies. Apparently the footage was a hastily conceived put-up job perpetrated by persons unknown.

Stories of a false flag operation circulated online. The government response to those stories was to deride them as "fake news", or as President Trump angrily tweeted, "stupid un-American bullshit".

John Davidson, 27, from Bangor, Maine, was one of the people peddling "bullshit". He was quite vocal about it, posting the original CNN footage on several online forums and starting a blog heavily critical of the Trump Administration. That blog has three posts, the last one dated May 18, 2017. Nobody has seen or heard from John Davidson since.

Rumour has it there have been dozens, perhaps scores of other disappearances. It's really hard to state anything for certain: the police will tell you these people have moved away, but so far as I've been able to tell, they've done so without informing their families and friends, without leaving forwarding addresses, and in the few cases I investigated, without taking any of their worldly possessions with them. Odd, that. Disquieting.

But that's the tip of the iceberg. I've been told that fifty miles outside Reno, NV there's now a giant camp, and more are being built in rural areas around the southern states. Some of Trump's infrastructure money is being used to expand the rail network. But the tracks don't seem to go anywhere anyone would want to go.

I've posted this using an anonymizing operating system that runs on a resettable virtual machine running on secure portable media. I'm using ProxyGambit and Tor to remain anonymous. And I'm still worried, because I'm posting from the continental U.S. I didn't get out when I had the chance. I believed that Trump couldn't possibly govern the way he campaigned.

I was wrong. I realized I was wrong just one week in, when a white French Canadian man named André Bissonette murdered six Muslims in a mosque in Québec City, Canada. The White House immediately condemned the attack and cited it as a "terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilant". Within a month, there had been fires and gunfire at seventeen different mosques, five of them in Michigan alone.
I realized I was wrong when Trump fucked up and didn't get his racist cocksucker  of an Attorney-General into position fast enough. The acting Attorney-General ordered the DoJ not to defend Trump's refugee ban; she was removed from office the same day. The gang rape a week later was, of course, pure coincidence.

But hey, they're making America great again.

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