Monday, March 02, 2020


Kathy says she's not creative.

She's wrong, of course, but I understand why she thinks that. She equates "creative" with "artistic". 

That's one type of creativity, for sure, and it's true that it's not Kathy's strongest suit. But I smile knowingly every time she (or anyone!) says "I'm not creative"...because everyone is. Absolutely everyone. It's an essential part of being human.

I'm not even referring to types of creations that is, but isn't considered, artistic--like cooking or baking (both of which Kathy is very good at). No, I'm talking about...everything. Every waking moment, and who knows, maybe some sleeping ones too. 

Not that many people realize it. (Realize: make real.) Most people aren't creative; they're reactive. With thanks to Neale Donald Walsch, you'll notice those two words -- reactive and creative -- are the same word. Only the C has moved. When you change the way you "C" things, you become creative rather than reactive. You start living your life, instead of reacting to others' ideas of how you should live your life. And that's something I think Kathy can identify with. So can I.

Creation is a choice. Not always a conscious one; not always an active one, either. (Refusing to choose is a choice.) But you can not not create. In a Christian context, you were made in the image and likeness of the Creator. But you don't have to believe a whit of Christianity to recognize your mother's dictum: "Life is what you make it". 

Learning how you create is one of those things that usually takes a lifetime. At least one. After all, we don't come with Star Trek replicators: objects don't materialize out of thin air around us. But I believe we create the conditions that might attract those objects, with focussed intent. (I keep coming back to focussed intent...) It's done by being consistent, and it's especially done by modelling what you're trying to create. Want to be loved? Be loving. Want to be wealthy? Recognize the wealth you have already, and be grateful for it. The best way to recognize what you have is by giving it away.

What are you going to create today? Chaos or calm? Love or hate? 

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