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Looking Back (I)

***************** ADMINISTRIVIA: This is the first of a planned series of eleven Breadbin posts commemorating the upcoming tenth anniversary of this blog. Once a week between now and May 12, I will be choosing one post from each year I've been writing, republishing it verbatim, and adding commentary below. ****************
As published July 25, 2004: The Monkey on My Back 

Look for a long time at what pleases you, 
and longer still at what pains you...

I don't know who Colette is or was, whether it's a first name or a last. I ran across this epigram just now on a disembodied page sitting next to our bathroom sink. Live with us for any length of time and you will not find the preceding sentence overly odd...we have books everywhere, and some of the older ones occasionally molt.
In any event, I was 'bathruminating' on something that pains me mightily when my eyes were drawn to Colette's words of wisdom. It occurred to me that this thing should be dragged i…

I Am Not A Caterpillar

Eva is doing remarkably well in the wake of her surgery nearly three months ago.

Nothing good my wife accomplishes surprises me anymore, but this has come close. We were told, well before the surgery, that pretty much every patient will experience gastric dumping syndrome--acute nausea, extreme cramping, explosive vomiting, and diarrhea--at least once. This hasn't happened.

Oh, to be sure, it's been touch and go. She *has* puked once, and she is made to understand within two bites if the food she's chosen is acceptable. And for  a while there it was flatly ridiculous what was and what wasn't acceptable. Cold water bad, lukewarm water good. Grape Kool-Aid (sweetened with Splenda) good, grape juice emphatically bad. And so on.

We did have a setback: a bleeding ulcer. Seven percent of gastric bypass patients will get one: Eva's number came up. Left untreated for too long, a bleeding ulcer can be fatal; depending on where it is, more surgery may be required to fix it. …

Why I Write

"There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein."--Walter Winchell, paraphrased

After very nearly ten years and over thirteen hundred posts, it's getting increasingly difficult to find new things to write about. This is especially true since, due to reader demand, the Breadbin has all but discarded the political part of its mandate. My political posts attract less than half the readers my personal posts do. And while I've often said (and meant) that I'd write this blog even if nobody read it, of course it's nice to know people are reading my thoughts.

If you would know me, simply read my output...starting on May 12, 2004. If you can get through several thousand screens without dying of boredom, you'll know damn near everything there is to know about me as a person. I've held a few things back, and will continue to do so; some of my thoughts are too personal to share, as open as I am. But pretty much anything imp…

Am I A Man?

Once again I am confronted with my lack of manliness.

Oh, in some ways I'm definitely a man. I have the requisite  equipment and even a little of the stereotypical mindset here and there. But while men forever gripe about not being able to understand women, I can't understand much of how men generally think.

Sex is a perfect example. Time and time again I've heard various men extol the virtues of "angry" or "hate" sex. Now, undoubtedly these men are exaggerating, since men (unlike women) keep their *real* sex lives private. Nevertheless, so many people have raved about angry passionate sex that I figure there must be something to it.
But how does that work, exactly? I can't imagine being angry and sexual at the same time. They're polar opposite states! Try coming on to your significant other in the middle of an argument sometime. I'd want an armour-plated jock, myself.

One of my Facebook friends posted 21 Rules That Men Have. It's pro…

"Love, this is horrid! You gotta try this!"

The scene: a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese buffet, incongruously called the Boston CafĂ©, in Parry Sound, Ontario, many years ago. Ken and Eva, not yet married, are with Ken's dad and soon-to-be stepmom,  Ken and Heather, not yet married -- try to keep up here -- for a little family bonding. The food is fair at best, but it's almost unnoticed through the general hilarity that surrounds Ken Sr. like a cloud of laughing gas.
It's time for desserts. Now, sweets at the end of a meal are far from a fixture in my life. While I have a whole mouthful of sweet teeth...and also a set or two of sweet dentures.... I've never felt the need to have dessert. But at an all-you-can-eat place where I'm not paying extra for the privilege...I believe Oscar Wilde said it best: "Everything in moderation, including moderation."

That prolific penster Anonymous adds: "I have the body of a god. Unfortunately, it's the Buddha."

I have "saved room" for dess…

Why I'm Not Watching the Sochi Games

I'm a sucker for the Olympics. Especially the Winter edition. Like most of the country, I was glued to the TV four years ago for the Vancouver feels like last month. But I've been watching the Games since '84, and they're something I look forward to every couple of years.

And you'd think the Sochi Games would be a magnet for me. I have long had a fascination for Russian history and culture. I am absolutely enthralled with Russian classical music, which speaks to me on some deep level that makes me wonder if I was a Volga boatman in a previous life. Already I'm regretting missing the Opening Ceremonies.

But I'm not watching this time. I'm sitting this one out.

The much-debated anti-gay stance of Vladimir Putin's Russia is only one reason. It's a big one, but it's far from the only one. I'm also sick to death of the corruption that seems to follow the IOC around like the world's largest. most noxious fart; the stray dog mass…

The Fault In My Stars

So many things will change in your life over the next 12 months that you may begin to feel that upheaval is quite normal. In a way that’s good because the world is moving faster by the day and not everyone has what it takes to keep up. But you do.
--"If Today Is Your Birthday", February 6th,

Take it upon yourself to enforce personal change. Don't let your emotions or those who try to guilt you have the upper hand. You must follow through with what's best for you. Making choices that lead to greater opportunities will play out in your favor. Look for the truth in everything you do and you will find your way. --'Eugenia's' horoscope, February 6,

Unconditional love and acceptance may be the biggest themes in your life. You want and need both - and sometimes sacrifice your own happiness while in hot pursuit of them. Approval from others can be such a powerful influence that you lose touch with deeper desires. Needing to be needed i…

Two Weeks To YUCK

I met my wife fifteen years ago right around now. 
Sorry, love, I don't remember the exact date--your arrived in my life just after I stopped keeping even an occasional diary. Not mention I had no way of knowing when I walked into that job interview that 'phone drone' was merely the first in a long line of jobs you'd have for me over the years, jobs that very quickly lost the "bs" of that first one and give me my "y" in life. Joy, in other words. Had I known such unlimited joy was coming down my pike, I would have marked the date years in advance. But I didn't know that. How could I? I didn't even know what joy was, before I met you. Or love, for that matter. I had ideas about love, lots of them, but I'd never really seen it up close until you showed up. Did you ever wonder why that's what I call you? "Love", instead of 'darling', 'honeybear', 'snookums' or 'snugglypoo'? Because that's wh…