Monday, February 13, 2006

For my wife, on this Valentine's Day

And Every Day...

I've never felt this way before
I miss you and I love you more
than I could ever hope to show,
and every day I'll tell you so.

I'll tell in words, I'll tell in deeds
I'll tell you as we plant the seeds
of life and love: they're ours to sow,
and every day we both will know.

We'll know that love is ours to share.
We'll know it is forever there.
And through the years our seeds will grow,
and every day, my love, we'll go...

We'll go to places yet undreamed.
We'll go to places often deemed
to be where streams of kisses flow,
and every day the breeze will blow.

The breeze will blow us joy and cheer
and laughter, and a fleeting tear
and Life will lead both high and low
and every day, new rows to hoe...

I love you, Eva, don't forget
I haven't even started yet
to demonstrate so that you'll know:
But every day, I'll tell you so.

--written for Eva before we married: I mean it even more now.


Anonymous said...

Little Kenny you are the sweetest thing ever. You have truely found love in your life. You are very lucky.
You are both very lucky to have each other.


jeopardygirl said...

This is for Eva, too.

Eva, thank you for making my pal so happy, for being everything he ever wanted and needed in a love and partner. You're worth so much to me for that, and if you ever hurt him, I'll give you a knuckle sandwich. just kidding. :D

Anonymous said...

I never really expected to find love and happiness. I truly never thought I would marry. I have some 'interesting' flaws, none of which I'll go into here. I'm sure if the breadman wants to tell you in the future he will. He wrote this poem for me after I had left for work one day, quite early in our relationship. We both knew that we were serious about each other but this poem brought me to tears that day. It took me a while longer to trust in myself and believe that this man loved me nearly as much as he claimed to. I still have that piece of paper at home in a safe spot.

Ken - you are my love and my life. Thank you for loving me almost as much as I love you. People say that they admire me because I've changed you in some way. Not true, I've simply loved you and that allowed you to show everyone else the man I've always seen and you've always been.
You make me laugh every single day and I truly don't know where my life would be right now if I didn't have you.
I love you baby. Thank you for bringing me to tears again.