Sunday, October 04, 2009

The REAL Fifth Beatle?

Okay, first of all, kudos to PM Harper. That took some guts. And he's not half bad, either.

That said, I think our Prime Minister could have perhaps put a little more thought into which Beatles tune he'd perform. You know, given that he tends to govern strictly for his friends and disregard the rest of us. And what with the perpetual election machinations and the requirement for his party to "get by with a little help from" somebody or other--and further given how he's often criticizing other parties for trying to do the same thing, just get a little help from somebody or other.

The way you do in a minority Parliament. Or, at least, the way you're supposed to. Canadians keep electing minorities not just because many of us are scared of what Harper might do with a majority, but because all we want is for people to work together. We get enough petty partisanship in the daily news coverage of American politics. But Harper's all about the majority and he'll continue to govern as if he has one until he gets one. The Liberals keep send up clay ducks for Harper to skeet-shoot out of the sky; until they find somebody with some warmth and maybe, oh, I dunno, a few policies, Harper might as well have that majority.
And when he does, you may hear a different Beatles tune out of him. Somehow I doubt it'll be "Come Together".

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Rocketstar said...

That did take some cohenes.