Monday, March 09, 2020


Are you freaking kidding me?

I am so not qualified to write about this.

You would think, being as I have been playing piano since before I could read, and since I spent a lot of time in various choirs, bands, and would think I would have developed a sense of rhythm. As indeed I have. But ask me to make my body move rhythmically... take it away, Kate Miller-Heidke:

If I try and dance, I look like a rusted out robot. There are many, many things in this world I am not good at, but there are only two that I would say I am completely, utterly and totally hopeless at. Drawing...and dancing. And driving. Shit.

It doesn't stop me from "dancing" on occasion (when nobody's looking). It's fun to move to the music.  But I'm serious about people not seeing me. I don't mind people laughing at me, but it really is so bad as to be shameful. Alcohol doesn't help: it smooths me out, but also literally makes me tipsy.

They put the music department in charge of a dance in high school once. The attendees never knew what hit them. At one point I threw this on: fast Dixieland jazz. The entire auditorium ground to a "what the halt?"...and then, one by one, toes started to tap. I defy you to listen to Dixieland for two minutes without a reaction.
I actually broke my rule and danced that Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers' Swing The Mood.  I cleared a goodish chunk of dance floor. It incorporated somersaults.

The only other time I can recall dancing in public as an adult was my wedding. We had two first dances -- two guesses which one was the one I picked --and I distinctly remember how scared I was. Eva told me to sing to her so I had something to distract me from trying to move my body in time.

I don't dance, but I like to watch dancers. especially my niece Alexa. It's a highlight of my year each spring to go see her dance troupe's show. She epitomizes her middle name, Alexa Grace does. Her dances are still simple (and yet out of my reach), but each year she gets better and better. I wish I had had a chance to see Jade dance -- she was doing it competitively.

Really not much more to say here...I'm hoping tomorrow's topic is better. (Looks) Water. Yeah, I can write about that.

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